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Shoely Yours

The best way to make sure EVERY shoe you ever buy is your perfect fit.

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“It’s a no brainer. I go through 4 shoes a year, rotating two pairs at a time just for work. Not having to switch my insoles in and out has been great and the savings are a nice bonus.”

Maddie M, Registered Nurse

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  • 30 Day Shoe Insurance icon

    30 Day Shoe Insurance

    Wear your shoes for up to 30 days and exchange them for free if they aren’t feeling perfect

  • Every Shoe Custom To You icon

    Every Shoe Custom To You

    Get your custom insoles automatically pre-installed & included free with every shoe you buy from us

  • 10% Rewards on Shoe Purchases icon

    10% Rewards on Shoe Purchases

    Earn $1 for every $10 you spend on shoes and use your credits toward future shoe purchases

  • Fast & Free Shipping Always icon

    Fast & Free Shipping Always

    Get priority order fulfillment and expedited shipping service on every order, at no additional cost

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  • Your perfect fit every time
  • No switching insoles in & out
  • Rewards on every shoe order
  • Fast & free shipping always

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