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Give members the ultimate solution to better foot health & watch them crush their fitness and performance goals.


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People Need Better Support... Literally

77% are slowed down by foot pain

Hard & flat floors are everywhere

Rising BMIs mean heavier loads to bear

Even expensive shoes lack true support

Your Feet Are Your Foundation


Increase Comfort

Custom shape hugs every corner of feet & provides relief 

Eliminate Foot Pain

Individual arches are perfectly supported reducing stress & strain

Improve Performance

Supportive yet flexible materials enhance power

Options for All Your Shoes

Custom comfort at work, on the run & everywhere in between

Custom Insoles are proven to relieve pain, but have never been accessible to the masses. Our patented technology makes them more accessible and affordable than ever.

✔︎  75% Faster Production   
✔︎  75% More Affordable   
✔︎  100% Custom-Made for YOU!

How It Works

With just an iPhone, you can 3D scan your member's feet to give them access to the life-changing support of custom insoles while driving extra revenue for your business.

1. Register as one of our Wellness Partners
2. Scan your members (60 seconds or less per person)
3. Receive $40 for each member who signs up


Advantages of 3DI

100% Custom - Unique feet get individual support, reducing overall stress, strain & pain

Quick & Easy - 2 minute on-site foot scan (per person) & 3 business day turnaround time

Affordable - Just $79 for first pair and included FREE with each shoe purchase thereafter